Life Saving

Although primarily associated with recreational activities, personal watercrafts also have a very important function as life rescuing vessels. Lives have been saved thanks to the manoeuvrability and speed of the PWC. Today, many safety enforcements such as the French Red Cross use personal watercraft in their everyday work.

Please note that this video is a dramatisation.

Advantages of using PWCs for life saving

  • Rescue 1Better mobility and operability in rough weather and water
  • Capacity of going through shallow coastal waters that a boat cannot go through, such as areas with coral reefs or in the surf zones close to the beach
  • Absence of projections such as propeller and tiller enhances safety when nearing swimmers
  • High speed enables rapid approach to drowning persons
  • Better controllability makes approaching drowning persons easier
  • Good water tightness ensures easy recovery in case of capsizing
  • Compact body means a smaller storage space

Other examples of professionals that rely on personal watercrafts for their crucial work are the police, border patrol, coast guard and beach safety managers.

Rescue 2