Grey Imports

Wherever you are on the planet, we encourage you to buy your personal watercraft from official dealers in your home country. You will benefit from a full warranty, the expertise of your dealers for parts and accessories, services and maintenance as well as be informed in case of safety recall. It will also ensure that your vessel is fully compliant with your national regulations.


The EU

Some people try to import PWCs into the EU privately having either owned them elsewhere or have purchased them from a US dealer. Although you might be a private owner, these PWCs are still required to meet EU requirements under the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) for construction, engine exhaust emissions and sound emissions (a maximum limit). This is the same "conformity assessment" as a new craft. While craft purchased in the USA may meet the construction requirements, there is no guarantee they will meet the EU's engine exhaust emissions and sound emissions limits.

You will need to employ a so-called Notified Body which are the inspectors authorised by the EU member states, to carry out the conformity assessment on your PWC. Their details can be found here. At least two of these notified bodies carry out these "post construction assessment" on PWCs. They are HPi Verification Services Ltd (UK) and IMCI (Belgium). 

Should you seek to avoid these tests you are in breach of EU law and in countries where there is registration your registration will likely be refused. It may also affect the re-sale value of your PWC and you may not receive support or information from the official dealer network.