Play it safe

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Being a good rider means never compromising the safety of yourself or others. Read our safety tips before you take off!



Play it nice

Avoid aggressive manoeuvres when riding to avoid the risk of collision and other accidents. Do not jump wakes or waves.

Avoid riding in fog

Not only will you have poor visibility, other crafts might not be able to see you. A PWC gives a weak (if any) radar return.

Do not ride at night

You must not ride a PWC at night since it does not have navigation lights fitted which are compulsory.

Bring a friend

The safest way to go to sea is with another PWC so you can help each other should there be an accident.


Stay alert

Constantly look around for other crafts and people in the water.

Take early action

Remember that PWCs do not have brakes (except Sea-Doo models), so slow down and stick to the boating rules to avoid a potential collision. But remember not to release throttle when trying to steer away from objects - you need the throttle to steer.

Never apply throttle when anyone is at the rear of the PWC

This can cause severe injury, so be careful.

Stay away from intake grate when the engine is on

If long hair, loose clothing or other items get stuck in moving parts it could result in severe injury or drowning.

Come prepared

Equipment for an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. Bring flares, a length of rope and a mobile phone kept in a waterproof bag.

And if you capsize...

First make sure the engine is turned off. Swim to the rear of the PWC and turn it upright, making sure you turn in the right direction. Then board from the rear.