Respect others

You are not alone on the water, so always be considerate to the ones around you. This can include other PWC riders, boaters, fishermen, swimmers, surfers, divers and skiers. Respect their right to use the water too!

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Follow basic boating rules

Stay on the right
& ride defensively 

Sailboats, fishing vessels and large commercial vessels have the right of way. Stay on the right when approaching an oncoming craft and stay clear when overtaking. When crossing paths with another boat, the craft on the right has right of way. Always ride defensively and never insist on having right of way.

Feel the need for speed?

Make sure you know the local speed limits and stick to them.

Keep your distance

Don't ride too close to the shore where people are swimming or playing in the water. Be considerate to waterfront property owners.

Keep it down

Excessive noise will disturb others.