Start with the basics

Are you ready to ride? Make sure you are prepared with our essential check list!


Don't drink and ride

You must never ride a PWC or any other vessel after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Always wear your life vest

You must wear a life vest at all times when riding a personal watercraft. 

Dress for success

A wetsuit is essential for protecting yourself if you fall into the water or happen to be near a jet thrust nozzle. Forceful water can enter into lower body cavities and cause severe harm or even death. Regular swimwear is not adequate.

Be safe using additional protective clothing

It is recommended to wear footwear, gloves and eyewear as these will provide further protection.


Never underestimate the lanyard

Attach the lanyard securely to your wrist, make sure it is attached to the PWC and keep it free from the handlebars. It could save lives.

Know your boating laws

Where are you allowed to ride? Do local authorities have an age limit? Do they require a drivers' license, registration or maybe special training? Failing to prepare is preparing to fail so check our interactive map to find out what rules apply to you.

Check your PWC

Check you have enough fuel and battery life before taking off, and make sure the throttle is smooth and the controls free.

Tune into your local forecast

It is better to stay indoors and do a puzzle in severe weather conditions.