Think green

Keeping our waters and shores clean goes without saying for any good rider. Here are some green pointers to keep in mind.


Clean your engine and refuel on land

This will reduce the risk of oil or fuel spilling into the water. Remember to fill the tank slowly and not to overfill.

Be an animal lover

Respect the wildlife around you, especially nesting birds along the shore line. Keep in mind that mammals such as sea otters and sea lions can hide just underneath the surface and get injured from direct impact of boats travelling at high speeds. Make sure you ride at a controllable speed and avoid areas with high animal populations.

Should you hit an animal, report it immediately to the local wildlife commission.

Wash it off

Wash your PWC carefully after you have used it to prevent the spread of exotic plants to other waters. This could have devastating consequences if a plant does not have natural enemies in the other water and takes over the area to the exclusion of the native species and animals.

Go deep

Avoid operating your PWC in shallow waters as weeds and plant life might get caught in the watercraft's pump and cause engine problems.

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Save it for the bin

Never throw litter in the water, on the shore or anywhere else where it is not supposed to go.